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Platinum Soul Sound System jumped onto the scene in 1982 with its first party as Platinum Soul Sound on Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush W12. Which was also the same road of the first Record and Tape Exchange. 

Platinum Soul Sound System played Soul and Lovers Rock music and continued to play parties and blues dances within the London area right up until the early 90s. This was when they disbanded and the members branched into the music industry in an even bigger way.

Sound leader for Platinum Soul Sound was DJ O’Bryan, who went on to have an award-winning recording career, first as PowerCut crew then as Darkman, which he’s known as today.

Darkman signed to a number of labels – EMI music and Universal Music as a writer, and MCA, MasterCuts records and Polydor records (under the Wildcard banner) as a recording artist.

Other members of the Platinum Soul Sound have also gone on to have successful careers as radio presenters, event promoters and artist managers.

The Platinum Sound System first appeared at Notting Hill Carnival in 1986 as a sound hire. They were located across the road from Honest Johns Record Shop, at the newly opened Duffers Of St George’s shop, with various DJs playing funky music to London’s most hip and trendsetting ravers at the time.

Following this, Platinum Soul Sound did not return to Notting Hill Carnival for some years, but Darkman held the reins by DJing at the world-famous Ion Bar which was situated under the flyover, in the heart of Ladbroke Grove. When it came to carnival time in the early 2000s, this was the hottest venue in town, and an event that you had to attend, due to the popularity of Darkman, who single-handedly turned around a failing bar into the talk of London.

2001 Platinum Soul Sound System joined the British Association of Sound Systems waiting list. In becoming a member of the British Association of Sound Systems (B.A.S.S). Following a period as an official cover sound (successfully appeared in 2022 covering for Love TKO) has eventually led to the allocation of an official static sound site at Notting Hill Carnival 2023

You can find us on Talbot Road at the junction of Sutherland Place, Notting Hill Carnival 2023.

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